Your timetable on My Blackboard

Want to check the time and location of your next lecture, practical or exam on My Blackboard? It’s possible now! Because My Blackboard now shows the next five activities from your schedule. You can see this under ‘MyTimetable upcoming events’:

Activities from your timetable will be listed here under the condition that you have added timetables for your courses in MyTimetable. Follow these steps to do so:


Click on the link ‘go to the timetable application’.


Log in with your ICT account.


Click the button Add timetable and select the type of timetable you want to add.


Then search the timetable by using the search field and/or the filters.


If you have found the timetable you were looking for, check the box in front of the title and click Add timetables.

The course timetable is now added to your personal timetable and will also appear on My Blackboard. If necessary, you can find additional instruction in the Help for MyTimetable.

Do you not see ‘MyTimetable upcoming events’ at all on My Blackboard? Then click the button Add module in the top left corner, locate ‘MyTimetable upcoming events’ in the list and click the button Add.