How do you organize the learning lines from the undergraduate level towards the postgraduate educations? How do you stimulate students to detect where their strengths and weaknesses and how they can develop their competences to a more balanced level?

Heleen Miedema, director of Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine organizes a workshop on these questions.

The new Model in education forces every education to a critical analysis. The key questions are: what are our educational goals and targets? How can we stimulate students via a logical construct called curriculum to reach them? How do we create a logical pathway from the secondary school via the bachelor towards the master and beyond, whether it be the labor market or a phd education?

Every education will answer these questions differently. Educational Sciences offers a systematic approach to analyze your own education. You will find your own answers.

This workshop offers the possibility to judge your own education and evaluate which concepts are the core and which concepts are more decoration? How do learning lines help to realize the goals? And how can the 3 O concept and project based education be of any help in your own curriculum?

Workshop chair: Drs. Heleen Miedema

Guest: Drs. Katja Haijkens

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