4. Vision on Skills - the Digital Skills Portfolio

Industrial Engineering and Management (TBK) has a detailed document on the professional skills course of learning in the new curriculum. The main point of this course of learning is for the students to be able to demonstrate the nine skills (which are important for working as a professional) and to demonstrate level three mastery of variable decision-making skills for their bachelor's programmes (for module 12). Throughout the curriculum, students have the opportunity to work on improving their skills by completing the assignments given to them by the skills teachers. A completed assignment results in proof of skills that a student can use in his or her portfolio. In addition, students can gather additional proof, for example: completed feedback forms (such as for a presentation a student must hold for his sports club or a feedback form on the performance of the student in his or her role as president of the student association, a report, a product, a reflection, etc. The students decide for themselves what they would like to add to the portfolio (individual responsibility, student learning process). There are, of course, requirements for the proof submitted (authenticity, for example).


Students attend regularly scheduled meetings about their progress with their skills teacher (preferably the same teacher for the duration of the bachelor's programme). In preparation for these meetings, they complete a Personal Development Plan (POP) (who am I, what can I already do and what am I going to do to obtain the skills that I lack?).


During the session, we will look at the vision of the skills line and its content. This topic arises in other educational programmes. There is, therefore, ample room for discussion regarding the skills and the portfolio.

By: Martine ter Braack (OD)

Location: RA 4334