6. Testing - Three approaches, Three Best Practices, Three Perspectives for Individual Teaching

Three forms of testing from different perspectives. The best practices presentations will be preceded by a brief introduction. Following the three presentations, the guests will be asked to discuss whether and how they might use the various test options in their own teaching. New and/or additional ideas which arise from the examples can also be discussed. All speakers will remain available for questions or advice.

1) Individual versus group work. Why should they be used? How can that be organized? Areas requiring special attention, Pitfalls and tips. GP: Kasper van Zuilekom (CIT) will explain how he evaluates both group work and individual students.

2) Oral testing for a project. How does this work? How do you ensure that it happens fairly? Pitfalls and tips. GP: a teacher (former student) who has gained experience here as a student and as a teacher.

3) Formative versus summative. What is the difference? When is it best to use formative tests? How should they be used? GP: Edwin van Asseldonk (WB) will speak about formative tests of comprehension using peer instruction with voting with mobile apps.

By: Helma Vlas (OD) and Lisa Gommer (OD – CTW) in collaboration with teachers: Kaspar van Zuilekom (UD), Jurnan Schilder (UD) and Edwin van Asseldonk (UD)

Location: RA 3336