9. Teacher Professionalization? I am already a Professional!

Our university is training a spotlight on education. The educational reforms, with PKM (Master Degree Quality Improvement Programme) and TOM, have led to an increased focus on education and professional development. The quality of education is largely determined by the quality of the teachers. We have organized an interactive, energizing session for this afternoon. We will begin by discussing your views on the changes to come in education over the next five years and what that means for you as a teacher.

After a plenary kick-off, two parallel sessions will be held: on the professional development of teaching staff and on the stages of teacher development for student-directed learning. We will conclude the session by coming back together as a group.

By: Akkelien Bergsma (OD), Inge Boomkamp (S&B), Remke Schwartz (HR) and Hans van den Berg (OD)

Location: RA 2504 and RA 2334