1. Overall Quality Assurance System of Faculty

Within the framework of quality assurance for testing, the examination boards of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences screen tests afterwards. A Test Description form is used to collect information during the screening such as course objectives, study materials, answer keys, tables of standards and/or test matrices, etcetera.


Various aspects are examined during screening, such as reliability and the judgement of the student. The person who performs the screening also analyzes the materials and conducts an interview with the examiner.

The findings of the document analysis and the discussion with the examiner will be described in a concise evaluation report. The president of the examination board will compile a report which summarizes all of the screening results. The programme director will inform the Programme Committee of the findings either orally or in writing.


In the workshop, we will discuss the methodology used and the results obtained by this methodology.

By: Henk Boer (OLD CW)

Location: RA 2336