8. “Let your imagination speak”

The first thing you need to develop project-based education is your imagination. If you let that speak, the most original ideas will surface. Practice shows that you, in turn, can also become inspired as a developer of project-based education. Even organizational matters require inventiveness and can challenge you. Every step in the process of designing project-based education requires creativity!

Educational Services' has developed a training programme on project-based education which consists of seven components. The components of this training can be customized, varying from three sessions to seven lunch meetings. This is all geared to the desires of the educational programme.

The components are:


Paradigm shift

(From teacher-centred to student-centred)


Degree of control over a project

(from dependence to independence)


Curriculum themes

(How does this project fit within the whole, "charcoal sketches")


Project assignment

(Realistic situation from the field)


Research and design methods

(From SPA to the Waterfall method)



(roles, tasks, materials, suchlike.)


Test programme

("Not just ticking off boxes, but producing a spark")

In this workshop, we will select a component together and then start working on it. In concrete terms, this means a little bit of theory and then working on individual material. So, bring along your ideas and whatever you have ready for your project design, no matter what stage it is at. This could be an overall idea of ​​the project, an outline, but also the first plan for which you like to have some feedback.

We look forward to seeing you there.

By: Joke Oosterhuis-Geers (Onderwijskundig Adviseur)

Location: RA 4334