3. Quality Assurance in Joint- and Distance Education

ITC has established collaborative agreements with a number of partner universities in the world in order to offer Double Degree programmes. Double Degree programmes are available at present in China, India, Indonesia, Iran and Ghana.

Under the rules currently in force by the Ministry of Education and by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO), the Dutch partner must be able to guarantee the quality of the entire programme for such a collaboration, including the components which are provided elsewhere. In addition, NVAO requires that least 60% of the curricula of the programmes be the same.

The nature of the collaboration with the partners has changed over the course of time from that of supporting education to a much broader academic collaboration. The Double Degree programmes were evaluated in 2009-2010, and, in preparation for the educational accreditation of ITC, additional improvements have been made to the programmes' quality assurance systems.

As part of Best Practices, the collaboration between ITC and the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) in Dehra Dun, India was reviewed. The manner in which internal and external conditions for quality requirements can be met (Programme Committee, Examination Board, NVAO) will be presented.

By: Tom Loran (Course Director ITC), Rob Lemmens (Docent) and Marie José Verkroost (Onderwijsadviseur)

Location: RA 2503