5. Involvement of Industry/Professional Practice in Project-based Education

A project with a real client from industry or working on an existing case can be very motivating for students and provide them with a valuable learning experience. Students work on a realistic problem and run into the same things that they will encounter in the practice of their professions.

Involving the practice, however, also means that you, as the teacher, must form agreements with the external party and monitor the learning objectives of the assignment. Questions which can be addressed are: What can the client expect from the students and the results they produce? Which students may approach the client or company? How do you frame the problem so that it suits the level of the students and the duration of the project?

During this workshop, Eric Lutters (International Office) will talk about his experiences with project-based education with real clients from industry. Annet de Kiewit (CiT) will talk about a project in which students work on a current, real case from the practice of civil engineering.

Afterwards, participants will work together to come up with ideas for their own teaching or projects with the aid of the speakers. The session will be introduced and moderated by Lisa Gommer.

By: Lisa Gommer (OD – CTW), Annet de Kievit (UD) and Eric Lutters (UD)

Location: CR 4A