2. Experiences from Twente Education Model (TOM) Pilot

The panel consists of Cora Salm (bachelor coordinator and module coordinator and M1 teacher), Mark Bentum (examination board president and M1 + M2 teacher) and Jan Eijkel (M1 teacher and member of the Education Quality Committee). The TOM-EE pilot involved the first three modules; the students had the three courses in the fourth quarter. In addition to the modules introduced in September 2012, the Binding Study Advice (BSA), when fewer than 45EC have been earned, was also introduced, and the educational programmes transitioned into English-taught education.

We will discuss what constitutes good teaching (KPIs versus substantive benchmarks). Is TOM suitable for all students? Is TOM suitable for all teachers? What kind of students do we produce in comparison to pre-TOM (a T-shaped professional with a too narrow base can be top-heavy).

Questions with which we have struggled and which we can partially answer, concern: integration of mathematics line, testing and resits, grade inflation, the students' self-knowledge (or lack thereof), combination of 15EC module and the BSA, learning disabilities, late and/or re-intakes. Maintaining an overview and making sure that the right information gets to the right people in a timely manner remains an ongoing challenge (results are only available in Osiris at the end of the quarter).

By: Cora Salm (Bachelor Coördinator EE), Mark Bentum (UHD EWI) and Jan Eikel (Hgl EWI)

Location: RA 3231