Welcome at Education Day 2013

Most of the presentation are online. Did you miss a presentation or do you want to read some of them again? Just click on the individual workshops to see if their presentation is online. The link to the keynote speech of can be found here or in ‘media and interesting links’.

Dear colleague,


I would like to invite you to the 2013 Education Day of the University of Twente (UT) which will take place in various campus locations on Tuesday, 15 October.


The TOM (Twente Education Model) and PKM (Master Degree Quality Improvement Programme) components have boosted the quality of education at the UT. Also externally there is growing attention to both the quality of education, and quality assurance and accreditation systems as illustrated by the University’s Institutional Quality Audit process scheduled for the end of October. Paul Rullman (former Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Education for the Technical University Delft) will be the keynote speaker of the 2013 Education Day. Rullman will share his vision and experiences on the quality of education and as the leader of the recent test audit of the UT, he will address how effectively quality and constant improvement are handled at our university. Click here for the Keynote Presentation.


Besides a good quality system, the quality of education itself is as important. The institutional assessment is not a means by itself. The university strives for continuous quality improvement. During the day professionals will showcase their areas of expertise concerning quality of education. There will be sessions on e.g. TOM experiences, the involvement of companies and other external partners in education projects. In addition, it will be possible to work on improving TOM related teaching materials. The idea is for staff members and students to attend this event, activity contribute input and in the process gain new insights and be inspired to improve the UT education.


The day will end with a festive presentation of BKO certificates to faculty members.


I hope to be able to welcome you personally on 15 October together with Chairman of the 2013 Education Day event Prof. Ramses Wessel, Dean of Educational Innovation. This event promises to be an stimulating gathering with both presentations and workshops. The full9:00‑17:00 programme as well as further information can be found on the Education Day website – please register for the event here.


Kind regards,

The Executive Board


Prof.dr. H. Brinksma

Rector Magnificus