Welcome at Education Day 2011


Friday April 8, 9.30 – 15.30 hrs in the Waaier 

The Higher Education landscape is in a constant flux, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This is not just the fault of administrators and politicians. There is a world out there that is actually changing rather rapidly as well. And we should want to be right in the middle of that. 

Students come in with different backgrounds and different expectations. We can not tell them what the world will look like when they graduate. Nevertheless, this is the world they want to be prepared for. What are the knowledge and skills we should help them develop? 

Governments are pulling back and are look at the market to move in. We are confronted with deregulation on one hand but with increasing regulation on the other. At the same time, borders are disappearing. In this new landscape, there are many more talents to recruit and many more institutions that want to recruit them. 

Differentiation is the magic word for the Dutch government. Institutions are too much alike and should dare to excel in a specific niche, either disciplinary or in their approach to teaching. For our university, there are great chances in this agenda. We have a unique and relevant research and teaching portfolio. But we have to find new en better ways to translate this into attractive and efficient teaching. 

The future of education at UT takes center stage on Education Day 2011. A new bachelor portfolio, a new teaching model, the 3-O concept, minors, selecting students, a university college, quality and positioning of masters programmes, interdisciplinary courses and projects, and more ... Learn and discuss what is in store on April 8. 

There will be presentations, workshops and of course a discussion between the people who designed the plans, representatives of major outside stakeholders (among whom KNAW-president Robbert Dijkgraaf), critical UT-staff and students, and you in the audience. 

The registration period for the Education Day 2011 has expired. 

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