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Employee workstation information tool

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This new tool makes it quick and easy to request and/or check information about the UT Workstation. 

This tool is accessible via the Start Menu or by pressing the Windows key and then typing UT (not simultaneously). This tool is available for all UT Workplaces with Windows and Software Center.

This tool can be used to request the following information:

The computer name, by this we mean the UTKWS or UT number.

  • Whether it concerns a basic or a standard UT Workstation.
  • Is the UT Workstation in the AD domain?
  • Is there a network and/or Internet connection with the UT Workstation?
  • Does the UT Workstation have a connection (directly or via VPN) with the UT?
  • Is the virus scanner active and up-to-date?
  • Is there sufficient space (at least 10GB) on the C drive?
  • Is there currently a malfunction or is maintenance taking place? (Internet connection required).

See example:

More information can be requested by clicking on the System Details button.

See example: