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Mobile telephony for employees

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As an employee of the University of Twente, you can request a smartphone through your faculty or service.

LISA has prepared a standard list of smartphones, from which employees can choose a smartphone when putting in their order. The developments in the area of smartphones are also very rapid. Therefore, several times a year LISA evaluates whether the standard models are still up-to-date and the standard list is updated frequently. You will find a list of the smartphone appliances using this link.


A smartphone can be requested using the selfservice portal.


You can find more information about the costs of this service on the rates page.


If the smartphone is handed in for repair, a loan phone will be given if:

  • The smartphone is included in the LISA's standard list.

If the smartphone is in stock, delivery will take 3 to 4 days. The smartphone can be collected from the Service Desk ICT.


For support, use the selfservice portal and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

Additional information

Developments in the field of smartphones are moving rapidly. LISA evaluates several times a year whether the standard models are still up-to-date. The standard list of these devices is also updated regularly.

LISA performs thorough tests on smartphones and advises against devices that deviate from the standard. It appears in particular that the wireless network (eduroam) does not work without a problem on all models of smartphones. In addition, a standard device will be provided on loan while a faulty device, which deviates from the standard, is being repaired.

Loss or theft

Note: In the case of loss or theft a police report should be made that serves as evidence for a new device. Via the UT, this can be sent by email to the security department (campussecurity@utwente.nl) with all details concerning the loss and theft. The police will also be informed in this way