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Facilities for newsletters or group mail

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For staff members

For professional marketing mails Marketing & Communication uses a separate mailing system, linked to the UT databases. All Marketing mails need to be send through this system to make sure someone who unsubscribes is indeed unsubscribed from ALL marketing emails.

For all other group mail or newsletters sent by staff members there is a newsletter module available within the UT website system WebHare. This module is called Pronuntio and helps you send professional mails in UT style, including sign up pages on your website. Accounts will only be provided after instruction about spam rules. For more information please see the instruction page about Pronuntio. An automated sign up/unsubscribe form for Pronuntio can be embedded in default UT websites.

for students and alumni

Student and alumni associations can use the mailing list tool of the UT to manage their mailing lists. Please see www.lists.utwente.nl for details. For alumni association mails you may also contact the alumni office for more possibilities.