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UT non-standard hosting (Customised Web Services)

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The University of Twente has opted for WebHare as its standard platform for offering websites for departments, educational programmes, projects, etc.

If you are interested in a website of your own, please contact Marketing & Communication (MC) to discuss the possibilities of WebHare. You can contact the Online Media Service Desk (utwente.nl/mc > contact) for this purpose. See link: utwente.nl/en/websites/webhare/request-website

If the Online Media Service Desk indicates that WebHare is unable to meet your technical requirements, the customised web services described below can be applied for.


LISA offers customised web services that use INSTALLATRON. Installatron offers a very flexible web application installer that supports frequently used web applications, such as apps for social network software and content management systems.

The customised web services have a control panel for each website using which you can manage your website and implement updates.


The web service offers you:

  • Standard 5GB total service.
  • Standard 1 MySQL Database.
  • Standard SSL/TLS Certificate.
  • Easy switching between several PHP versions (7.1, 7.2 and 7.3).
  • Easy management of a content management system (CMS, e.g. WordPress).
  • Daily back-up (in case of disaster recovery).
  • Insight into statistics.
  • This service is not suitable for sensitive data.

No costs are charged for these customised services.

If you want to deviate from the above-mentioned delivery, please contact your LISA account manager.

Terms and conditions
  1. A web service can be applied for by a UT employee, through a self-service portal. After the application, the web service will be created as soon as possible and can then be suited to your preferences. The site is created with a standard address.
  2. If someone wants to use another domain name, this should be applied for at M&C and follow the usual name policy. Once this has happened, this address must be passed on (Mail to webservicesmgmt-lisa@utwente.nl) with the request to link this address to the associated website.
  3. The applicant is responsible for keeping a website and the content running on it up to date. When the applicant of the website leaves the university (e.g. in case of termination of the employment), the responsibility must be transferred to a colleague, and this must be communicated clearly with LISA. (Mail to webservicesmgmt-lisa@utwente.nl)
  4. Security updates at operating system and package level fall under the responsibility of LISA. These will be installed without consultation with the customer, at the times indicated by us (monthly update (service window). Any downtime for websites as a result of the scheduled installations is not included in availability percentages.
  5. If, through the CERT or in any other way, a security breach in a website hosted by us is reported, the relevant website will immediately be taken offline and the contact person known to us will be informed. The security breach must be remedied before the website can be put online again. The website will go online again after a request has been made specifying the measures that have been taken and after this has received a positive assessment from the CERT and LISA.
  6. Every year, the contact person known to us is notified by email and asked whether the site is still actively being used. If a return email stating that this person is no longer employed at the University of Twente is received, the website will be taken offline. If no one comes forward within 4 weeks, the website will be removed.
  7. In the event of a major release of a software package (Apache, PHP, MySQL, various CMS systems, etc.) the contact persons will be informed by email in good time. It is up to them to update the website so as to enable it to run on the latest versions.
  8. If any misuse of the web space offered is found (for example, posting inappropriate/illegal content or deliberately placing harmful software), the relevant website will immediately be taken offline and the contact person known to us will be informed.

Web services must be applied for through the following link:


If you apply for a UT non-standard hosting through this link, you agree to the general terms and conditions set out above.