Organisations like SpaceX and Mars One claim that we are almost ready to go! However, there are still some technological requirements for survival to be designed. But what is meant with survival? Are basic needs enough to survive? What about our social needs? How are you going to communicate with friends on earth? How does physical interaction work? What kind of activities could you still do? It is in our nature to explore and in this age, what could be more interesting to explore than Mars? In order to successfully settle on the Red Planet there are many challenges to overcome, both technical and social. Can you find the solution for these challenges?

In this masterclass, you and your peers will get to experience the potential chaos of small communities settling on Mars. You will develop technical solutions for a specific social problem and you will get acquainted with a practical design method to help plan, coordinate and execute the development, evaluation and implementation of your solution so that they can be used effectively and efficiently. Become the ultimate problem solver!

So, are you interested in society, technology and design, and willing to contribute to successful settlement of the first colonies on Mars? Do you enjoy teamwork? Would you like to learn about innovative and critical thinking approaches to real-life problems? Would you like to develop skills, such as doing academic research, presenting and making academic posters? Then be sure to sign up!


  • You are able to distinguish different roles in project teams and recognize their importance in achieving effective and productive project work.
  • You can critically define, interpret and examine a large-scale problem related to colonizing Mars from different perspectives.  
  • You are able to develop a technical solution from a social problem with the help of a design cycle.
  • You can use the concept of problem-solving in a creative and effective way.
  • You can defend the decision-process that led up to the final design in an oral presentation using an academic poster.
Colonizing Mars
Colonizing Mars
Colonizing Mars


All of the school subjects are related to this masterclass because it is such a broad topic. Because the teaching and materials of the Masterclass are in English, it is advised to be able to listen and write in English. 


The masterclass is scheduled in the first period. You can sign up now. Students of Pre-U partnerschools can sign up by the Pre-U coordinator at their own school. Students from other school sign up at this registration form. Participation in this masterclass costs €115,- per person, but students from partnerschools pay a reduced amount of €85,- per participant.