European debating

European collaboration has steadily increased over the past 70 years. Because of this, Europe has become one of the most prosperous areas of the world. However, not everybody agrees with the way the European Union is shaped. Why is that and how do European debates look like?

In this masterclass, you will learn about the history of the European Union and how it functions. Students and teachers of the University will learn you the basic principles of the EU and how negotiations take place. Together with your fellow pupils you will learn how to debate, with several real-life cases. Would you like to be a part of this? Sign up here for the masterclass.

After this masterclass, you are familiar with

  • the different European institutions and the interaction between them;
  • different forms of governments and their ups and downs;
  • applying theoretical concepts in debates;
  • effective debating, with a final debate in the boardroom in Enschede.

Prior knowledge

Because the teaching and materials of the Masterclass are in English, it is advised to be able to listen and write in English. Other related subjects are History and Sociology (Maatschappijleer). Nevertheless, these subjects are not mandatory to apply for the masterclass.

Dates, sign up and costs

Signing up for this masterclass is not possible anymore. Next schoolyear this masterclass will be given again. Students of Pre-U partnerschools can sign up by the Pre-U coordinator at their own school. Students from other school sign up at this registration form. Participation in this masterclass costs €105,- per person, but students from partnerschools pay a reduced amount of €80,- per participant.

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