De masterclasses zijn verdiepende en verbredende programma's die leerlingen extra uitdaging bieden in een onderwerp naar keuze.  

How to successfully deal with different perspectives

Do you think that Dutch people are all very different from each other? On a certain level that's true. But have you seen even more contrast in ideas and beliefs of people from different countries, by watching television or during your holiday? Were you maybe even surprised by some ideas or beliefs? And do you want to know why this is the case and where it leads to? 

In this masterclass you will address different perspectives of people with different backgrounds, and you'll learn why these differences arise. Therefore we zoom in on different (worldwide) problems and opportunities. In small groups you work on your own case: you get familiar with different backgrounds of people, the influence it has on the perspectives of the people, and what you can really do to reduce your selected problem or increase opportunities. At the end of the masterclass you can maybe even help the society as a whole!

After taking part in this masterclass, you are able to

  • create a method in which an exciting technology in a new context is being used to tackle one facet of the problem of global warming;
  • create a poster-presentation in which they translate the content of their research into laymen’s terms;
  • construct and use a valid research method.
Global warming
Global Warming
Global Warming

Prior knowledge

All of the school subjects are related to this masterclass because it is such a broad topic. Because the teaching and materials of the Masterclass are in English, it is advised to be able to listen and write in English.

Dates, sign up and costs

You can not sign-up anymore. The next time that this masterclass will be given is next schoolyear. Students of Pre-U partnerschools can sign up by the Pre-U coordinator at their own school. Students from other school sign up at this registration form. Participation in this masterclass costs €90,- per person, but students from partnerschools pay a reduced amount of €65,- per participant.

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