Educational Board (MSc NT)

(in Dutch: Opleidingscommissie, OLC)

The Educational Board consists of (an equal number of) students and staff members/co-workers. This committee considers the regulations for examination, the study programme. Lawfully, this committee has the right to advice (at request or unsolicited) the Programme Director and the Dean. These advices are binding for the concerning persons unless they have well-grounded reasons to handle otherwise. In this committee students have a direct influence on the study programme.

At the moment, the Educational Board for the MSc Nanotechnology consists of the following members:

Dr. Michel de Jong

Chairman, lecturer

Prof. Harold Zandvliet


Niels Tas


Dhanya Babu


Yorick Birkhölzer


Maaike Rump


Alexandra Elbersen

Programme coordinator

Dr. Ben Betlem

Programme director

Elke Vinke


If you have any point that you think needs to be discussed, please contact the student members or Rik Akse.