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Internship / Industrial training

The Internship or Industrial training is a compulsory part of the Master’s programme Nanotechnology, course code 19340950. The experience in this period is a great help in orientation on the career with an academic Master’s diploma. For Dutch students an industrial training will take place in industry in the Netherlands or abroad or at another university outside the Netherlands. For international students there is a choice to do either internship/industrial training or a research project in any of the research groups at the University of Twente. The minimal duration of the training period is 10 weeks (15 EC's).

Start the application procedure through registration in Mobility Online.

Every year in an information session, the coordinator provides general information about the internship. Also, take care that you will be authorized to visit the Blackboard site Internships TNW (under organizations). At this site, you find information about experiences in the past, internship offers and all the necessary forms.

From one year to at least 3 months prior to start orientation by submitting your application form.

Internship Coordinator
Betty Folkers

Horst HT-609

+31 (0)53 489 2772
Assistant Internships
Monique Kolff
Assistant Internships

Horst HT-605

+31 (0)53 489 3932

International Office

On this website you find more information about internships abroad: