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Procedure and forms for the MSc final project

This page contains very important information on how to proceed if you have found a research group and wish to start your MSc final project within the MSc Nanotechnology program. Please read this information very carefully.


  • As soon as you have decided in which research group you want to do your final MSc project, please contact the head of the research group to discuss the project in detail.
  • Fill out the MSc final project contract. In this contract you will have to provide information regarding the starting date of the project, a short description of the project, the committee members, an overview of the modules you have finished already, and a list of modules that still need to be done (if applicable).
  • Make sure this form is sent to BOZ-NANO (att. Mrs. Elke Vinke-Dinius) at least one month before the starting date of the final project.
  • After this in a few weeks you will receive a written letter with the decision made by the Board of Examiners. Please note that you cannot start before you have received this letter.


  • In order to set a date for you MSc final project colloquium, you will need to fill out the Application for MSc Exam and MSc colloquium form. In this form you will indicate the date of your MSc colloquium and whether you have finished all the required modules of the master.
  • Please note: you need to have finalized all other courses in the program before defending you MSc final project !!!
  • Please send this application form one month before the date of your MSc colloquium.
  • In case you have fulfilled all the other modules required for the MSc degree, you will receive the diploma right after your MSc colloquium.
  • Here you can download the assessment criteria form, which is a list of criteria that are used in the assessment of the MSc final project. Make sure all your committee members do have a copy of this.