The vision of the University of Twente is to be known as a scientific and social innovator with a technological and international profile, renowned for our inspiring, international learning environment, with a lot of scope for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship on and around the campus.

As the entrepreneurial university of Europe, the University of Twente is making a genuine difference in society, by combining technological and social sciences and educating tomorrow’s global citizens.

Our university provides excellent scientific research and education in key technologies such as ICT, Nanotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, but also in Geo Information Science, Engineering, Behaviourial, Management & Social sciences.

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Societal Impact

As a technological university we are not only focusing on technology push, but we derive our scientific questions and answers from society. Social and economic impact are important criteria in assessing strategic choices. Our strength lies in providing answers through integrated research for example in projects like research on biological cells and tissues on chips, with applications in the fields of healthcare, ‘Smart and Green Transitions in Cities and Regions’, ‘Speech-controlled home automation,’ ‘Personalized health services’, Robotics.’

As an opinion leader we proactively address social developments and designing solutions that contribute to the ‘grand challenges’ of our society.

The app visualized above is called Cheetah, and is developed to reduce food waste in Africa, because a majority of the post-harvest losses occur during transport. The app contains information on the quality of the roads, the expected costs they will have to pay en route, information about weather conditions on the road and the expected delays.


As the entrepreneurial university in Europe we endorse and support successful, creative and original innovations in research, education and commercial knowledge transfer. We create an environment of risk taking and pushing boundaries; attractive for alliances and other types of cooperation.

By developing business models for our university we generate greater revenue from intellectual property, investments and more than 700 spin-offs.

The Gallery is the centre for innovation on the campus of the University of Twente. It offers quality accommodation and facilities for knowledge-intensive companies, innovation centres, and service counters for innovative companies. The building is, with its 45.000 m2, a showcase for knowledge-intensive businesses near the ‘Avenue of Innovation’ in Enschede.

Global Citizens

At the University of Twente students become ready for an international career, by gaining international experience during their study. Our campus provides the best area for an international university community, characterized by diversity and mobility.

The University of Twente cooperates with a wide range of international universities. The collaboration differs from exchange of staff, students and PhD's to offering joint educational programs. The University of Twente is also a founding member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). ECIU maintains the profile of a network of universities that are relatively young, entrepreneurial, and progressive.

Excellence in combinations

With our High Tech, Human Touch approach and focus on strategic areas we create synergy through smart connections and collaboration between disciplines. Our unique Design Centre embodies this integrated ‘Design’-concept using all our academic knowledge, skills and applications. In external collaborations we deliver smart combinations of research, education and commercial knowledge transfer.

A lab-on-a-chip performs microfluidic tests using very small amounts of fluids. Those chips can be for example used in research with expensive or dangerous materials. However, the main application currently is in the medical sector, for instance to perform blood tests. The University of Twente has extensive research programmes in the field of lab-on-a-chips.