UT - Kring

UT - Kring

Dear UT employee,

 We would like to bring the UT-Kring to your attention.

The UT-Kring is the staff association of the University of Twente. Together with our sub-associations we organize all kinds of activities, from sports tournaments to workshops and day trips. Boerderij Bosch is the meeting point of the association. Employees can participate in activities with high discounts through their UT-Kring membership and buy high-discount cinema tickets, for example. All activities are announced on the website and on facebook. On the website the activities are highlighted and you can sign up. For now, our website is only available in Dutch. We are working on an English version.

Examples of annually recurring activities are: a visit to a musical, a visit to the Libelle Zomerweek, flower arranging workshop, day of winter sports, day trips to a Christmas market and of course the Sinterklaas party. In addition, we always try to offer a variety of activities.

Next month a special event will take place: the Sports Day 2018 for UT employees.

This fun and active sports afternoon will take place on Thursday 19 April and is organized by the UT-Kring in collaboration with the OPUT and the Sports Center. UT employees can register as a team or individually. The program starts at 13 o'clock in the sports center. With a cozy cooling down we close the afternoon. Sign up now! More information and the registration form can be found on the website. To participate in the Sporty Afternoon you do not have to be a member of the UT-Kring.

Besides this sports day, other fun activities are on the schedule in the coming months.
The annual Easter flower arranging workshop will take place on 24 March, on 20 April we will celebrate a disco party in 't Bölke, Friday 25 May we will visit the Libelle Zomerweek and on 13 July we will go to Valkenburg for a concert by André Rieu. You can also enjoy a discount at the theater show MARE.

As soon as new activities have been scheduled, we will mention them on our website and on our Facebook page. So take a look there now and then. Then you won’t miss a thing. There will be nice activities in the coming months.

Do you want to become a member of the UT-Kring? Register via the form on the website.

We hope to meet you during the Sports Day!
Have a lot of fun and... 
                   SEE YOU AT THE UT-KRING!