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tailor-made training courses participation councils

Good participation is of great importance for the functioning of our university. Throughout the organization, students and employees think along about policy and advise the various administrative bodies. As of the academic year 2020/2021, the UT facilitates participation councils with a standard training offer.

Spread over the year, four online courses are provided with an open enrollment for members of the University Council, Faculty Councils, Program Committees and Service Councils. These can be found in the Coursefinder under the heading ‘personal effectiveness’.

In addition to the central training offer, tailor-made training courses are possible per council, also in combination with the board or director. Below you will find additional information about the tailor-made training courses.

All training courses are provided by the training agency TAQT. The open training courses are financed centrally, the customized training courses are for the account of the council / unit. 

For further advise on organizing a teamtraining you can contact the Career Development Centre otherwise you can contact TAQT directly through info@taqt.nl.

TAQT Online training offer for participation University of Twente:

Unique programs for councils and boards 

General description

On request of the University of Twente TAQT offers tailor-made training courses especially for participation councils that will work together as a group for a year. The content of this training strongly depends on the specific needs of the group and is therefore always preceded by a short intake interview with the client, for example the chair of council.

Training option 1: team building

It is worth investing in mutual relationships and team building at the beginning of a council year. It is good to get to know each other, to express expectations and to make working arrangements. In these customized training courses, there are several ways to do that. If the council wants to focus on how council members relate to each other as a person, a Belbin Team Role training is a good choice. Councils who simply want to have effective meetings in a good atmosphere can choose training on ‘effective meetings’. The trainer can also assist in establishing shared principles for council work, or making working arrangements.


• Better cooperation

• Clear strategic goals for the council

• Shared working arrangements 

Training option 2: Agreements with the Board

Wise councils and directors or boardmembers use the beginning of a council term to agree on how they want to interact during the year. In doing so, they can express what they expect from each other, what the respective roles are, and how they want to coöperate. It is also sensible to make practical agreements about the procedures that are to be followed. A short preview of which topics will be important in the following year is also an option. The board can clarify which major topics are on the agenda, the council what goals it wishes to prioritize. In this training, the trainer facilitates this conversation and draws up a program for this in consultation with the participation and participation bodies.


• Explicit agreements about the role of council participation

• Shared views on rights and duties

• Clarity about procedures and planning

• Mutual expectations clarified