Marina van Damme Scholarship 2016

Universiteitsfonds Twente
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In the spring of 2016 the Board of the University of Twente Funds Foundation will award the Marina van Damme scholarship for the 14th time to a talented, ambitious UT alumna, with a master’s degree and/or a doctorate, who could use a helping hand in taking the next step or turn on her career path. The scholarship is made possible thanks to a donation from Dr M.A. van Damme. In 1965 she obtained the first doctorate to be awarded by the former Twente Technical College.

The scholarship consists of a cash prize of €9,000 and a certificate and is intended, for example, for the expansion of knowledge or an international orientation in the form of a study, internship or project. The scholarship is explicitly not intended for the (co-)funding of a PhD trajectory. Furthermore, applications focused on pursuing a follow-up programme at the University of Twente will not be considered. The winner of the scholarship has a period of four years to implement her plan.

Last year’s winner

The Marina van Damme scholarship 2015 was awarded to Dang Anh Nguyet. In 2012 she gained her master’s degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation. Currently she is working as a researcher at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. In her research career, she is focusing on the impact of the changing use of land on the ecosystem. She develops models that can provide local governments with the tools to make policy choices with respect to efficient land use. With the Marina van Damme scholarship she wishes to acquire the specific knowledge and skills to further the application of her models in the poorest areas of the world, including her home country of Vietnam.  

Candidate nomination

Attached to the candidate nomination should be a plan setting out the developments the candidate has undergone since her graduation, and including a curriculum vitae; her dream and motivation; the steps she intends to take in this respect; and how she intends to use the scholarship for this purpose. This plan must be drawn up by the candidate herself, and a relationship established with the assessment criteria described below. It is an advantage if the winner can serve as a role model.


The plans are assessed by a jury composed of a former winner of this scholarship, a female professor of the University of Twente, and a board member of the University of Twente Funds Foundation.


Candidate nominations can be submitted no later than 28 March 2016 by e-mail ( or by post:
Stichting Universiteitsfonds Twente
T.a.v. Karin Lienesch – SP319
Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede

The scholarship will be presented on 25 May 2016 (date subject to alteration) during the UT Innovation Lecture in Enschede. The winner is expected to attend.

You can find more information about the scholarship and the winners of previous years at you can contact us by sending an e-mail to

Please find the application criteria and a check list here