Study tour (Minor Crossing Borders version B)

The UT has a long history of sending students abroad for obtaining a first insight into what their academic studies entail in practice. Version B builds on that tradition. To ensure the academic level within study tours, this variant will provide the possibility to study a theme based on research and practical experience from the Crossing Borders staff members in close cooperation with other faculty members. In this way, students serve as ambassadors of the university who can show their understanding of the grand challenges and how companies and organisations can influence to the society at large. Staff members will develop a setting in which students will not only be taught on the theme, but also on how to do methodologically sound research using the insights gained from visiting companies and / or organisations abroad. The university’s study associations could serve as a stepping stone but if there are students who want to organise a studytour out of the context of their study associations then there is room to discuss that as well. Students’ independency and leadership skills will be enhanced and displayed through the study tour organisation and execution.

For more information students can contact Martin Stienstra at