Student Ambassador Scholarship

  1. The UT would like to reward students who put effort into actively promoting the UT abroad. Do you have the opportunity to promote the UT abroad or can you easily enhance students’ enthusiasm for the UT? You could be rewarded a € 100,- Student Ambassador Scholarship (SAS).

You are free to participate in any existing initiatives. Perhaps your foreign host university organizes an international study fair in which you can participate. Or maybe the organisation where you are working as an intern has ties with a local university where you could hold a short presentation to enhance students’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for the UT. Of course you are free to come up with ideas of your own!


There is a limited number of Student Ambassador Scholarships available for each year. Therefore only one scholarship per host organisation will be granted. The scholarship is granted according to our first come, first serve policy.

For 2020, the SAS scholarship is no longer available for these organisations:

  • Canada: École de Technologie supérieure de Montréal
  • South Korea: POSTECH
  • Taiwan: NCTU
  • United Kingdom: Teesside University

General procedure

  • Assess with your host organisation (the organisation where you will do your internship or your host university) if there are opportunities to act as Student Ambassador at a nearby university.
  • In consultation with this university’s contact person, complete the SAS application form and state the promotional activity you would like to organize.
  • Please note that we grant only one scholarship per host institution per semester. If another student has already promoted the UT at the host organisation, other applications can not be granted. The scholarship is granted according to our first come, first serve policy. So make sure you apply as soon as possible.
  • If your application is approved you can collect a promotional package from International Office containing a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, etc. The promotional package is also available online.
  • Afterwards describe on the SAS Report Form which activities you have developed and have it signed by your host university’s contact person.
  • To be awarded a SAS you must have participated in at least one promotional activity such as hosting the UT at a local (Study Abroad) Fair (± 3 hours), a Social Media Take-over (1 week), or two activities such as presentations of ± 1 hour.


  • You are enrolled as a full time UT student at the moment of scholarship application and for the entire duration of your stay abroad.
  • You have already arranged for a study period or internship abroad of at least 8 weeks.
  • During your stay abroad you participate in one or two promotional activities (a day at a fair or a Social Media Take-over for a week count as two activities) at a foreign university where you act as Student Ambassador.
  • You apply for the SAS at least two weeks before the activities takes place.
  • The UT has a limited number of SAS scholarships available. For the Social Media Take-over there is also a limit to the number of participants per host country. The scholarships are awarded on a first come – first serve basis.

Application form
How to apply