Student Ambassador Scholarship - Application Procedure

Step 1: Mandatory registration of your stay abroad

All students receiving a scholarship must register their stay abroad in Mobility Online. You can only apply for a scholarship when your mobility (courses, internship, graduation project abroad) has been registered in Mobility Online.

Step 2: complete the Application form

Download the application form at the bottom of this webpage and complete the form. The SAS Application Form requires the signature of your faculty coordinator as well as your own.
If you will be doing a Social Media Takeover, you need approval from our Marketing & Communication department.

Step 3: submit the application form

preferably before departure*

Send the completed form to preferably before departure, but at least two weeks before your first activity.

  • Make sure you attach both the spreadsheet (xls/xlsx) and the scan with signatures (pdf/jpg).
  • Forms that have not been filled in completely, or that have been handwritten, will be disregarded.

* The Scholarship Office reserves the right to decline scholarship applications in case a SAS-scholarship for the host organisation has already been granted.

Processing your application

When you have completed the steps above, the Scholarship Office will consider your application. If you are awarded a scholarship you will have to take further mandatory steps in order to complete your application. You will receive an email explaining further steps to take. The email will also contain a link to downloadable promotional materials.
The payment of the scholarship takes place after the promotional activities have taken place and have been confirmed.


Application form