Study Abroad Database

Study Abroad Database

The institutions for higher education below have all signed an agreement with the University of Twente allowing UT students to study at their institution. Keep in mind that partner institutions may only allow a limited number of students to study at their institution. Always contact your faculty contact person for more information about studying at these UT partners. Also, almost every faculty organizes information meetings about internships and studies abroad. UT students who will do their study abroad starting from 1 December 2016 have to register via the registration system Mobility Online.

UT European Partner Universities weergeven op een grotere kaart

EU partner universities

European Partner universities (.xlsx)

An overview of all European UT partner universities in excel-data format

non-eu partner universities

Non-EU Partner universities

A list of non-EU partner universities

faculty contact persons

Faculty contact persons

Always contact your study abroad coordinator for specific information about studying at UT partners.