6 mei Excursie Emsland Nuclear Power Plant


Emsland Nuclear Power Plant

Just across the border, in Lingen (Germany), lies the Emsland RWE nuclear power plant. It produces enough power to sustain a city three times the size of Amsterdam. Deep down in the reactor mass is transformed into energy according to Einsteins famous law E=mc2. This excursion explains how the immense forces of nature can be controlled and converted into electrical energy. During the day, the future of nuclear energy in Germany is discussed. One of the highlights is a visit to the terrain of the plant. After a thorough security check we take a look inside the impressive power house, where a massive generator revolves.

Participation is restricted to students and PhD students only. Subscription is obliged and should be done by sending an email to sg@utwente.nl before March 28th. Costs are €10,- (including warm lunch). All explanatory talks will be in English.

Note that the excursion is full. Subscriptions that still come in will be put on an interest list, which will be used in case current participants drop out.

Monday, May 6, 8.30 - 16.30 hrs. Bus departs in front of Cubicus, UT campus.

This program is a co-production of Studium Generale and study associations Arago and Isaac Newton.