Zie 2005

Space & Spirit 11 oktober

Lunch lecture

Lecture on Tuesday October 11th, from 12.30 hrs. till 13.30 hrs. Vrijhof / Amphitheater

Space & Spirit

In the Middle Ages two types of space existed: a material and spiritual one. The spiritual space of a Christian afterlife was much more important than material space. Nowadays this spiritual element has completely vanished. In this lecture the evolution of the Western conception of space will be traced from the dualistic Middle Ages to today’s space conception. Margaret Wertheim will discuss the linear perspective of the Renaissance, the discovery of astronomical space in the 17th century, and the contemporary physicist’s notion of hyperspace. Wertheim will show how spiritual space was written out of the realm of reality, a transformation whose psychological consequences we are still struggling with today.

Margaret Wertheim is an internationally noted science writer and commentator. She is author of Pythagoras Trousers – God, Physics and the Gender Wars (1995) and The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace. A History of Space from Dante to the Internet (1999).

This lecture is a co-production of the Female Faculty Network Twente and Studium Generale.

Admittance free, no reservations

Margaret Wertheim zal ook een lezing verzorgen over haar eerdere boek, Pythagoras’ Trousers. Deze lezing wordt georganiseerd door het ‘Female Faculty Network Twente’; maar alle mannen en vrouwen van de UT zijn welkom. Plaats: Amfitheater. Tijd: van 10.30 tot 11.30. Info: http://www.utwente.nl/ffnt/