Zie 2005

Astrobiology: Ehrenfreund vervangen door dr. R.Ruiterkamp

Everything you always wanted to know about… Astrobiology - The search for life in the universe

Lecture at Thursday afternoon March 24th, from 16.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs Vrijhof / Amphitheater.

Astrobiology is a new exciting research field which seeks to unravel the origin and evolution of life wherever it might exist in the universe. Today we are still far from having a compelling understanding of how life started on earth, or of the probability that life exists elsewhere in the universe. The crucial question is what chemical processes caused a biotic, i.e. nonliving, organic compounds to assemble into the entities those we call life.

Prof. dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund is full professor in Astrobiology at the Chemical Institute of the University of Leiden.

Admittance free, no reservations.