21th oct: MOOCs: hype or future?


MOOCs: hype or future?

George Clooney on quantum mechanics and Angelina Jolie on nano biology? Nothing seems impossible in the world of Massive Open Online Colleges (MOOCs). Professors write the text and attractive actors can deliver the lectures. MOOCs are popular and indeed massive, some gathering more than 300,000 students. This autumn the UT will start two online courses in the field of health and smart cities. These MOOCs provide interesting opportunities to attract students from abroad, for instance. But will they improve our own students’ education?

Several students and experts (see below) will participate in the debate amongst which: prof.dr. Ed Brinksma, rector magnificus of the University of Twente and responsible for research and education at the UT.

Drs. Timo Kos, Director of Education and Student Affairs at the TU Delft.

Joris Schut, studied at the UT and attended 51 MOOCs (see also: http://www.utnieuws.nl/nieuws/60606/Juiste_MOOC_kiezen_is_trialanderror)

Moderator: prof.dr. Ramses Wessel, Dean of Educational Innovation at the UT.

Tuesday 21st October, 19.30-21.00 hrs. Vrijhof/Amphitheater.

This programme is a coproduction of Studium Generale and UT Nieuws.