Sharks and humans op 29 jan

Sharks and Humans


Sharks have a bad image as dangerous predators with a mean character, at least if we may believe classical movies like Jaws. This image is false and far beyond reality. Sharks turn out to be very intelligent, social and most of the time non-aggressive animals. This symposion makes clear that there is no such thing as a dangerous shark. Instead, there are just dangerous situations, often created by humans.We are not threatened by sharks, it is the other way round.

Dr. Erich Ritter is an internationally renowned shark expert. He is director of Sharks School in Florida and the world’s only field biologist specialized in shark-human interaction and behavior.

Dr. Sander van Dijk is a marine biologist at the University of Groningen and did research on the social behaviour of lemon sharks. He is also member of Shark Alliance, a worldwide organisation to protect sharks.

Friday, 29th of January, 19.30 – 21.30 hrs. Spiegel/Room 4. (The language will be English)

This programme is a co-production with the Student Diving Club Piranha.