What changes?

The programme Public Administration (in Dutch ‘’Bestuurskunde’), which includes the international track European Studies, croho code 56627, formally stops to exist at September 1st 2013. They will continue together under the name of European Public Administration. This will be the new formal name for the present programme Public Administration, the present international track European Studies and the new “TOM bachelor” that starts at September 1st 2013.

But I do study the international track European Studies of the programme ‘Bestuurskunde’?

Yes, you do, only the name of the programme will change from ‘Bestuurskunde’ to European Public Administration. The Dutch Department of Education has not allowed us to change the name in different phases. That’s why all programmes are now called European Public Administration. For existing students the curriculum will not (or hardly) change, if they will not have a huge study delay.

I don’t want this change name of the name of the programme! Can I still call it the international track European Studies of the programme ‘Bestuurskunde’?

Yes, you may, but officially and in your enrolment at DUO it is called European Public Administration. We are not happy with this. Fortunately only the name of the programme changes, not the content. Besides the changes for the students of the track European Studies are not as drastic as they are for the students of the regular Dutch bachelor programme ‘Bestuurskunde’.

And how about my diploma?

On your diploma European Public Administration will be mentioned as your bachelor programme, instead of the Dutch word ‘Bestuurskunde’. We will add the subtitle “International track European Studies” on your Diploma Supplement. On the supplement the ‘regular’ courses of your curriculum will be mentioned and not the new TOM-curriculum, which of course you didn’t follow!

I do not complete some if my courses this year. What do I have to do to now?

In 2012-2013 the first year courses are offered for the last time, and in 2013-2014 they will be examined for the last time. A year later the second year courses will follow. A year later again the third year courses. If you are lagging behind in your study and this is not feasible, you can contact the study adviser. He will make an individual programme with you that is feasible. This may mean, but only if you have huge study delays, that it is smarter to move you over to the new TOM-modules.