Bestanden van oude projecten

One new project for the Integration of Educational Systems Program in 2011 for the time being

The integration of educational systems program has been arranged to bring the control of all the projects related to educational systems together (among which Osiris and Blackboard).

After the successful completion of the projects in 2009 and 2010, a concrete proposal for the 2011 portfolio has been made after an extensive process of consultation with interested parties and internal suppliers. This proposal can be found in the business cases portfolio 2011 (in Dutch).

Although the plans for 2011 have been received enthusiastically by the Board of Directors, the Board has decided to postpone most of these ambitions. At the moment there is nor the manpower nor the money to realize these projects.

This means that aside of the currently running projects, no projects will be started for the time being in 2011. Only the project ‘OSIRIS International Office Inkomend’ is started which focuses on the incoming international students.

Naast dit project loopt dit jaar ook nog het in 2010 gestarte project ‘koppeling OSIRIS en Blackboard’ t.b.v. het automatisch aanmaken van course sites en het tonen van cursusinformatie uit Osiris in Blackboard.

Besides this project, also the project ‘koppeling OSIRIS - Blackboard’ (for automatic creation of course sites and displaying OSIRIS course information in Blackboard) will be continued in 2011.

It is possible that some processes will be started for the continuation of the study planning and the new scheduling process, though currently there is no information available on this.

More information about the Integration of Educational Systems Program is available on

Unfortunately, all the information regarding the Integration of Educational Systems Program is only available in Dutch.