Practice environment

Are you an UT employee? Then take a look at the UT Blackboard practice environment. You have your own practice course there, in which you can experiment with the functionality within a Blackboard course.

Production environment

To get started with Blackboard you will need a course site. These course sites aren’t produced automatically yet; this will change when the connection with Osiris is accomplished. Until that time the course sites have to be made by hand. When you sign up for a workshop, a site will be available for you beforehand. You can also request a site during the visit of the student assistant. For earlier site-requests you can contact your faculty support desk (look at the production environment for more information about your faculty support desk). The following information is needed when requesting a course site:

- Course code (as in VIST)

- Course title (as in VIST)

- Name and email address of the course teacher

- Participating bachelor or master programmes

- Providing faculty.