About this website

This website served as the primary means of communication of the ELO Advice committee (chaired by prof. dr. M. van der Wende) in the year 2005. The committee delivered their final advisory report in December 2005. This final report can be downloaded from the Resultaten section on this website, as well as other interim reports that have been delivered. The reports are only available in the Dutch language.

Simply put the committee concluded that we should do further research into Sakai and gather some experience by doing some pilot projects using the Sakai product in our regular education programmes.

What happened next?

Since the beginning of 2006 we have been working on the follow-up activities evaluating Sakai and also, starting in August 2007, Microsoft Sharepoint. We are done evaluating Sakai (final reports) and MS Sharepoint (reports, in Dutch only). Within the context of 3TU Federation we have concluded that it would be wise to evaluate one more alternative, namely Blackboard.

Current activities

Currently we are in the final stages of evaluating Blackboard. There are two alternatives for the new Virtual Learning Environment of the University of Twente, which are MS Sharepoint and Blackboard. In June 2008 the final decision will be made.