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The 2nd of June, Blackboard starts for you (faculty support information)

On the second of June you can start filling your own Blackboard course site! Of course we offer you some support. To help you to get acquainted with Blackboard, we provide workshops and the possibility to get help from student assistants or the Blackboard faculty assistant. These assistants will come by to make an inventory to see if and where you need help. They can support with the design of your Blackboard site and with the transfer of data from TeleTOP to Blackboard. Aside from that, we invite you to ask all your questions concerning Blackboard to the faculty support desk. In the scheme below you’ll find contact information for all faculties







BOZ CTW (Horstring Z.206)

Toestel: Blackboard1

Grip: 6136

Nr: 06-22040156

Margriet Lindemann


BOZ EWI (Zilverling, P002i)

Toestel: Blackboard2

Grip: 6137

Nr: 06-22525196

Diane Muller


Cubicus, C113

Toestel: Blackboard3

Grip: 6138

Nr: 06-12221192

Huub Engbers


Capitool, C005

Toestel: Blackboard4

Grip: 6139

Nr: 06-12221253

Johnny Lammers – van Toorenburg


BOZ TNW (W.221)

Toestel: Blackboard5

Grip: 6140

Nr: 06-12221386

Hans de Jong

To get started with Blackboard you will need a course site. These course sites aren’t produced automatically yet; this will change when the connection with Osiris is accomplished. Until that time the course sites have to be made by hand. When you sign up for a workshop, a site will be available for you beforehand. You can also request a site during the visit of the student assistant. For earlier site-requests you can contact your faculty support desk. The following information is needed when requesting a course site:

Course code (as in VIST)

Course title (as in VIST)

Name and email address of the course teacher

- Participating bachelor or master programmes

- Providing faculty

Attention: in the weeks right before and after the start of the new academic year, we expect a much higher demand for workshops as well as for individual support. If you are teaching a course in the first quarter, we advise you to start working on your course site earlier.