One of the deliverables of the first phase of CBUS has been a detailed functional analysis of Sakai 2.1.1, in the light of the possible use at the University of Twente. We also did a preliminary comparison to TeleTOP. The analysis is based on first impressions and limited testing of the functions (not in real practice).

This first analysis shows that some features of Sakai are much richer than we have right now. Most of the features are at least equal compared to TeleTOP. Use in pilot situations is possible without much refinements.

The listed modifications for UT wide implementation are preliminary of course. The evaluation of the pilots will give more insight in what is needed. If you are interested, read the complete document (in English).

What’s next?

Since the beginning of 2006 we have been working on the follow-up activities with Sakai. We have set up a new project, that we have called Campus Blend using Sakai, abbreviated as CBUS. From September 2006 onwards we will be evaluating Sakai in real practice in different settings and with different evaluation purposes in our Sakai pilots. The first pilot is about to start within CTW.

What is Sakai?

Sakai is a community source software product, which is being developed by the Sakai Foundation. The University of Twente is a member of this foundation since May 2006. There are almost 100 member institutions, including MIT, Stanford, University of Amsterdam, Australian National University, University of Michigan, Oslo University, Fachhochschule Lubeck, Arizona State University, Portland State University, Nagoya University, University of Auckland, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, University of Winnipeg and Columbia University. A visual representation of installations in Europe is provided All Sakai stakeholdershere, a worldwide Google map is also available.

Sakai is called a CLE, a Collaboration and Learning Environment. As such it has a very rich feature set that comprises of elements of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a Course Managements System (CMS), and a group work and collaboration environment.

More information on Sakai

The official website of the Sakai Foundation

The Sakai product features

Weblog by the Sakai SIG NL

First European Sakai Day will be in Lübeck, Germany (Sept 2006)