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Timetables now available through MyTimetable

The timetables for academic year 2013-2014 can be found at https://rooster.utwente.nl/. You can compose your personal timetable for all the subjects you will be taking. You can subsequently export this timetable to your own agenda on your smartphone. Any changes in the timetable will be sent to your smartphone within 15 minutes.

Additional information:

Since the 20th of August a new version is available. There are some layout changes and you can now filter on block

Not all exams are visible yet, but they will be soon

For any help click on ‘HELP’.

For additional help: if you have some technical problems please contact SNT (for students) of ICTS Servicedesk (for employees),. If you have some questions about missing subjects for instance, you can contact the person who makes the timetables for your faculty