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Osiris not available on Monday November 22nd between 08.00 and approximately 11.00 hrs

On Monday November 22nd, OSIRIS will not be online due to a Studielink upgrade, between 08.00 and approximately 11.00 hrs.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

More information about this update:

Studielink is to be upgraded to version 3.0. Studielink’s front office application was upgraded in February 2010, students will therefore notice no change. This upgrade affects only the back office, which interfaces with OSIRIS. As a result of the upgrade in future it will be possible (amongst other tings) to use a new form of payment: digital authorization. In addition, an improved more precise control of the messaging traffic between OSIRIS and Studielink will be implemented.

Due to this interface between OSIRIS and Studielink, it is necessary to temporarily take OSIRIS offline for the duration of the upgrade.