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Maintenance OSIRIS

On Thursday the 22th of November from 18.00 to approximately 22.00 hours, the Student Information System OSIRIS will not be totally available due to maintenance work.

During this maintenance work, no overviews can be requested in OSIRIS Student, Tutor and in the Back Office. Plus the connection to Studielink will not be available during this period of maintenance, which means that any changes made in Studielink will not be passed on or be available in OSIRIS until later on that day.

Explanation regarding the maintenance

The goal of this maintenance is to increase the stability of OSIRIS. For the past few months, OSIRIS has had problems with small faults, resulting in the system frequently being unavailable to the end users. In general, the faults do not last for long but they are inconvenient.

Analysis has shown that the OSIRIS faults are mainly due to database locks. These problems then affect OSIRIS resulting in occasional non-availability of the application.

The aim of this maintenance is to ensure the system has a higher degree of availability.

We regret any inconvenience, but do anticipate that this maintenance work will improve the availability of OSIRIS.

With kind regards,

S&O and ICTS