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Changed procedure course registration OSIRIS-Blackboard

At the beginning of July the registration connection between Blackboard and OSIRIS will be realized. This means that students who register for a course in OSIRIS are automatically registered for the accompanying Blackboard course as well.

The registration connection will make the current double registration for students redundant and will, in addition, ensure an improvement of the educational programme administration.

What does this change mean for me as a teacher?

This connection has several consequences for working with Blackboard:

-Due to the connection, teachers can no longer open the course for self enrolment themselves, or change the registration period.

-The Blackboard courses become available automatically two weeks prior to commencement of the quarter for students who have registered in OSIRIS up until then.

-The above is not valid for organizations.

What does this change mean for the student?

-Students have to register in OSIRIS in order to receive access to the Blackboard course.

-Students can no longer register in Blackboard themselves.

-The above is not valid for organizations.

Is this connection also the case for ITC courses?

There is no connection between OSIRIS and Blackboard for ITC courses.

Whom can I contact if I have any questions?

More information about this change will become available via email in mid-July. In addition, teachers

can also direct their questions at their Blackboard support.