Advice publishing subresults in Blackboard (TEM)

Publishing subresults in Blackboard

In OSIRIS only the final grades for a TEM-module and the grades for the module components (partial grades) are registered in OSIRIS. These partial grades however can be based on grades for several assessments that are not registered in OSIRIS (subresults). It is the task of teachers to register these subresults and announce them to students.

Because subresults are not registered in OSIRIS, CES - at the request of the TSE-program - has formulated an advised standard for publishing these results in Blackboard. Study advisers will also get access to Blackboard courses, to enable them to view the subresults of individual students.

Advised standard

The advised standard is als follows:


  • The guideline is that teachers register all grades outside of Blackboard in an Excel file. This has to be the source of the partial grades that go to OSIRIS. Blackboard can't be the only source of a grade and the rule is that students can't claim anything based on a grade in Blackboard. The reason for this guideline is that we can’t give a 100% guarantee that Blackboard can't be hacked (the security is continuously improving though).
  • The teacher converts the Excelfile to a pdf file that only contains student numbers (meaning no student names).
  • The teacher publishes this pdf file in Blackboard in the menu part Course information.

Study advisers:

  • The study advisers get access to the Blackboard course with the most limited editing role (Course builder)
  • The Blackboard support employee enrolls the study advisers in the courses.

Please note: the study adviser is given an editing role and not the student role, because he/she otherwise would be enrolled in a student group if automatic group enrollment is used in the Blackboard course. He would also receive all mails that are sent from the course to all enrolled students. (You can't prevent completely that a study adviser receives mail; with the role Course builder he will receive mail that is sent from the course to 'All users').

Also have a look at the full document 'Instructions for using Blackboard in TEM'.