Known problems after Blackboard upgrade

During the testing of the service pack that has been put into use on July 27th, some problems were discovered in the functioning of some features. The nature of these problems is not serious enough to cancel the upgrade. Because the upgrade fixes a number of security issues, it was important to put the service pack into use.

Problem 1: login screen when opening an Office document in Internet Explorer

When opening an attachment that is a Microsoft Office document (a.o. Word, Excel, Powerpoint), a login screen can appear. If you enter a username and password, the login screen will reappear. Only after you have entered your details multiple times, the document will be opened. When you, however, press Cancel immediately without entering your username and password, the document will be opened immediately.

According to Blackboard this problem is not specific to Blackboard, but caused by the functioning of Office in combination with Internet Explorer. There is no solution within Blackboard.

This problem does not occur:

For not-Office documents (a.o. .pdf, .zip, .jpg);

In other browsers than Internet Explorer.


Press Cancel in the inlog screen immediately; the document will then be opened normally;

Use the Firefox or Safari browser.

Problem 2: students cannot remove files anymore in their group folder in the Content system

This problem only occurs for courses using the Content system to offer group workspaces (through the Group files menu button or the like; this does not affect the File Exchange functionality under the Groups menu button).

When a student tries to remove an item in the group folder, a error message will appear: “Error: not all of the files could be removed”. The item will not be removed then.

Someone with an instructor or teaching assistant role in the course can still remove files in the Content system.

Blackboard has announced that they are not going to fix this problem in the Blackboard version we use (the newest version is version 9, which will be put into use as of the start of the academic year 2012-13).


Students can create a folder in their workspace called “removed” or something similar. Files they want to remove are then moved to this folder, so that they disappear from sight.

Problem 3: in My Grades, the grades for Ephorus assignments have become clickable erroneously

Formerly students could not click on their grade for an Ephorus assignment (assignment with plagiarism detection) in My Grades. After the upgrade these grades have become clickable, although they should not be. When you click on such a grade, an error message will appear: “an unexpected error has occurred”.

The problem has been reported to Ephorus, and they are currently looking for a fix.


Not necessary, because there is no loss of functionality due to this problem.