Blackboard maintenance weekend March 16-18: end time LATER

This is an update (March 15) of an earlier announcement.

Earlier we announced Blackboard maintenance that starts on Friday March 16th at 16.00 PM and was expected to last until Sunday March 18th approximately 15.00 PM. The last tests indicate that the expected end time will be later, namely around 22.00 hours.

Therefore Blackboard will not be avaible from Friday March 16th 16.00 hours until Sunday March 18th approximately 22.00 hours.

This maintenance is necessary because we are migrating the UT Blackboard environment to servers that are managed by the company Blackboard itself. Reason for this is that the Executive Board of the UT has decided in December 2011 to outsource the technical administration of Blackboard (until now delivered by ITCS). Important considerations for this decision were that the UT will get guaranteed support for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that action will be undertaken right away in case of unexpected Blackboard downtime. Also, the risk of problems caused by Blackboard upgrades will be reduced.

For students and teachers nothing will change in Blackboard, everything will function as it did before. Also, the organization of Blackboard support at UT for students and teachers will remain the same.