Important changes to the use of Blackboard

For courses in the new academic year (2011), an automatic connection has been created between OSIRIS and Blackboard. This will have important consequences for users of Blackboard.

The connection between the two systems will mean that Blackboard courses will be created automatically on the basis of the information in OSIRIS. In addition, the course information contained in OSIRIS will be automatically shown as part of the Blackboard course. However, there are further changes.

In the FAQ list, you can read more about the most significant consequences, including:

  • What are the main effects of these changes?
  • Why have these changes been made?
  • What can I no longer do in Blackboard?
  • What information can I/do I need to change myself in Blackboard?
  • Is a change made in OSIRIS immediately visible in Blackboard?
  • When is my Blackboard course available?

You can find the FAQ list on: