Two problems with Ephorus in Blackboard

1. This week it appeared that in some courses Ephorus assignments are not visible for students, while the assignments should be visible according to their settings. Instructors can see if this problem occurs in their course by the presence of the iconat the end of an assignment title, while there is no text such as 'Item is no longer available. It was last available on ...' below the title.

The only solution (if students have to hand in assignments now) is to create a new Ephorus assignment.

2. The Ephorus function My Documents does not work in the browser Internet explorer (instructors can use this function to upload documents themselves). After selecting a file via Browse the file does not appear on the page. In the browser Firefox the upload works normally, so the current solution is to use the browser Firefox if you want to use My Documents in Ephorus.

We had contact with the supplier of the Ephorus software and they provided us with a newer version of the software that probably solves the first problem.We first have to test this new version and if it contains no new bugs we will implement it. Expectations are that this will be no sooner than March 27.